From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


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Franklin Mint Princess Diana

Porcelains Dolls - All porcelain dolls are complete and in good condition. They come with their original FM Princess Diana stands.






Elvis Diana  $150




Princess of Elegance - Grace Kelly Gown Replica  $175 


Picture on right shows detailing of Diana's actual dress.


Princess of  Nobility - Black gown & Sparkle Bolero  $175  



Princess of Culture - Thailand  $175




Princess of Charm  $175 Of all the Princess Diana's put out by Franklin Mint, I think this one has the most beautiful sculpt.  She has soft pretty hair and her face looks just beautiful from every angle.



Princess of Style  $150



The real Swan Lake Jewelry set!


LE Millennium "Swan Lake" Diana $275 
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 Porcelain Diana Dolls
 Vinyl Diana Dolls & FM Outfits
 Vinyl Diana Dolls Wearing Custom Outfits
Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters & GADCO gown

 Custom Outfits & Items for FM Vinyl Diana.  No dolls