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Franklin Mint Princess Diana

Vinyl Diana Dolls - All Vinyl dolls are complete and in good condition. 



                                                                       Joely Richardson


"Grace Kelly" Diana $165   On Layaway

Diana had Catherine Walker copy this Grace Kelly gown and wore it to the Cannes Film Festival.  Years later, actress Joey Richardson, shown above, had another gown recreated just like it and wore it to the 2005 Golden Globes.




Landmine Outfit Dressed Diana with Custom extras $180 Diana comes wearing the complete FM landmine outfit.  Also included is  a Halo Trust safety vest and headgear by Tommie, a red cross badge, and an extra pair of gold stud earrings. (Note: original gold earrings have blackened & need to be cleaned.) 



Grey Suit Ensemble Dressed Diana $225. 









                                                                                                            Picture of Diana's REAL wedding earrings!

Wedding Gown Ensemble Dressed Diana  $190  






Travolta Midnight Blue Velvet Ensemble Dressed Diana  $165 





Revenge Dress Dressed Doll - $165  



Red Lame Dressed Doll $185   




Royal Portrait Cream & Gold Embroidered Gown Diana $190    On layaway

Franklin Mint Complete Ensembles - No dolls.  Deboxed and mint.  No COA's




Black Lace Sequin Gown  $140
(Note: 1 earring has 2 rhinestones missing.  I've already replaced one and am trying to get another one to fix it.) No doll.  FREE US SHIPPING!




Purple Versace Ensemble.  No doll.  $70  FREE US SHIPPING!  


White Chiffon Gown Ensemble.  No doll.  $190 
Note: The earrings that Diana is wearing in the pictures above are not the correct earrings.  The drop pearl earrings above are the correct ones and will be included. 






Inspecting the Guard Navy Gown Ensemble.  No Doll. $70   FREE US SHIPPING! 



Last Day Outfit.  No doll. $165 
Comes with extra pair of gold/pearl earrings   FREE US SHIPPING!




White Lace Gown Ensemble  $65 



White Mother Teresa Ensemble $45   FREE US SHIPPING!


Ski Suit and Skis Ensemble.  No doll.  $195   FREE US SHIPPING! 




Light Blue Suit comes with matching Hat custom made by Jane Mahlig and chain link bracelet by me!  No doll.  $75


Princess Diana Wardrobe Trunk  $90

 Porcelain Diana Dolls
 Vinyl Diana Dolls & FM Outfits
 Vinyl Diana Dolls Wearing Custom Outfits
Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters & GADCO gown

 Custom Outfits & Items for FM Vinyl Diana.  No dolls