From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


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Franklin Mint Princess Diana

Dressed Diana's wearing Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters & GADCO gown




Pink & White Satin Gown $250

Diana comes wearing a beautiful pink satin gown with white portrait collar, pink/silver petiticoat, crystal necklace with matching earrings (I had these made by Marcia Friend to go with the Maid in Manhattan gown that I never produced!), white pumps and an FM Diana stand.  Also included is a pearl necklace and crystal & pearl drop earrings similar to what Diana wore in her portrait with Charles.



Red Bolero Gown. $250

Diana comes with Faux ruby/pearl drop earrings, double strand twist pearl necklace, red pumps, red clutch purse, red pumps, and Heart Crown. FM stand included.





Pink Catherine Walker Suit Ensemble $265 

Diana comes wearing a pale pink collared and cuffed two piece suit,  beige handbag with matching pumps, a double chain link bracelet, gold lattice drop ball earrings, a gold pin, and carrying a floral bouquet. Also includes extra pair of gold & pearl earrings.  FM Diana stand included.


Dressed Diana's wearing hand knit sweater outfits.  Note:  These Dianas are not meant to be redressed.  The outfits do come off the dolls.  But a couple of the dolls have staining on them, which is why they were chosen to wear outfits that cover that staining up. 




Polo Sweater $250 Diana comes dressed in a Polo Sweater Hand knit by Jane Mahlig, with white lace collar attached to flesh tone undergarment, navy & white spectators, gold watch, gold bracelet and gold & pearl earrings.  No skirt at this time.  I'm attempting to get the skirt and will include it if I do.  FM Diana stand included. 





Llama Sweater $250 Diana comes dressed in Llama Sweater Hand knit by Jane Mahlig, with white lace Dickie collar,  Gold Link Bracelet and, with Gold & Pearl Earrings.  I'm attempting to get a pair of jeans or tan cords and will include them if I do.  In the meantime, Diana is wearing a pair of too tight red silk dupioni LDC pants, with her tush hanging out.  FM Diana stand included



Custom Poppy "Remembrance" Lapel Pin  $5 each


Custom "Family Order" Brooch - still being made.  Pictures and prices pending.  (Pictures above are from outfits Diana wore.  My brooch will be as similar as I can make it!)  

Gold Link Bracelet $5 each

Gold & Pearl Earrings  $5 each, 3 for $12

Earrings and bracelet available by special order in Silver.  Same price.

 Porcelain Diana Dolls
 Vinyl Diana Dolls & FM Outfits
 Vinyl Diana Dolls Wearing Custom Outfits
Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters

 Custom Outfits & Items for FM Vinyl Diana.  No dolls