From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


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Franklin Mint Princess Diana

Custom Gowns & Dresses.  No dolls.



Magenta Black Lace Gown $125 Includes magenta satin gown covered by black lace overlay, gold and crystal drop earrings, matching magenta satin purse, long pearl necklace, white floral bouquet, and an extra pair of gold/pearl earrings.  No doll.  FREE US SHIPPING!  ON LAYAWAY


Custom Edelstein Gown $40 Comes with matching clutch.  No doll.  No other accessories.

Custom Outfits.  No dolls.





Black Shift $115 Black shift with black nylons and Black Jimmy Choo shoes, 3-strand pearl choker, pearl & gold earrings, faux black leather belt with gold hardware, black clutch, gold cuff bracelet, gold link bracelet, and an extra pair of gold and black Swarovski crystal drop earrings.  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING! 



Red Shift Dress $115 Comes with black belt with gold hardware, alternative red belt with gold hardware, beige shoes and matching beige handbag, gold link bracelet, drop gold ball lattice earrings and an extra pair of gold & pearl earrings.  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING!   


Violet Shift Dress $115 Includes black faux leather belt with gold hardware (I upgraded from the silver buckle shown in top pic)  black strappy shoes, gold chain link bracelet with violet Swarovski hanging crystal,  gold and violet Swarovski crystal earrings, three strand pearl choker, and an extra pair of gold & pearl earrings.  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING!    




Floral Beaded & Sequin Shift $40 Comes with gold & pearl earrings and gold link bracelet.  No doll. No cuff bracelet.  The back of the dress between the snaps is gaping, allowing Diana's skin to show through. There is not enough room to put in another snap.  It is possible to put in a hook & eye which will close this gap.)  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING!  On Layaway



Cream Brocade Sequin Shift $55 Comes with Gold & Pearl earrings & gold link bracelet.  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING!


Shalwar Kameeze $30 No pants.  No doll.   FREE US SHIPPING!





 Porcelain Diana Dolls
 Vinyl Diana Dolls & FM Outfits
 Vinyl Diana Dolls Wearing Custom Outfits
Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters

 Custom Outfits & Items for FM Vinyl Diana.  No dolls