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I've changed Lisa's Doll Closet to a Doll Collector information site only.

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Dolls & Outfits:                      

Tyler and Friends Dressed & Naked dolls
Tyler and Friends Complete Outfits & Boutique Items
Tyler Custom Outfits & Accessories
Tyler Extras 
- Brochures, Mini-Portfolios, Doll Stands, Patterns, COA's! 
Matt and Friends

Gene & Trent, Alexandra Wentworth Ford & Susan Wakeen Eve  -

Lisa's Doll Closet Designs 

Tiny Kitty


Franklin Mint Vinyl Doll Collections: 

Titanic Rose

Princess Diana  
    Porcelain Diana Dolls
    Vinyl Diana Dolls & FM Outfits
    Vinyl Diana Dolls Wearing Custom Outfits
Custom Gowns, Dresses, Suits, Sweaters

    Custom Outfits & Items for FM Vinyl Diana.  No dolls

Gone With The Wind Scarlett O'Hara Extended Collection

Jackie Kennedy Complete Collection

Elizabeth Taylor, Gibson Girl Josephine, Forever Love Collection, Harley, & Jennifer Stallone

FM Extras - shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, purses, COA's, mannequins, hangers

FM Advertising Inserts for Non-Doll items

Princess Diana & Other Royalty Books

MISC Items for Sale non-doll items for sale!


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