Franklin Mint Extras

Jewelry and purses are interchangeable between FM dolls and other Fashion Dolls

Shoes are specific to the individual FM doll


Diana Extras


Purse and Bouquet    $20                                                                           Purse   $12

FM White pumps  $10   FM Pale Blue Jimmy Choos  $15 
Silver Strap Shoes (Not FM but fit Diana) $8



White lace purse and Sapphire Jewelry Set from White Lace Gown outfit.  Purse $10   Jewelry Set $25


Sapphire Set from Travolta Gown  $35               Cross & Earrings from Mother Teresa Outfit  $15
(I believe this is the set with real sapphires!)        Cross without earrings $12

Ruby and Pearl Earrings - came with a few different Diana outfits  $15


Jackie Kennedy Extras


Miniature Framed Wedding Photo  $25               Jackie's Famous 3 strand Pearl Set  $35           Jackie earrings $12


Top: Jackie Head Scarf      $5                                 Miscellaneous Gloves & Pair of Socks -        Pumps that fit Jackie, Liz, Vanna  
Bottom: Jackie Lace Mantilla    $10                       These don't all match up.  All for $8             Gold, Black & Cream $8 each

Jackie Sunglasses $12                    unknown necklace $5



Jackie Purses and other FM purses  White, Gold, Black  $8 each



Rose's Breakfast earrings - top left $12    SOLD                                    Rose Yellow Stroll Dress Jewelry Set  $45 
Studs on left - unknown doll  $10    SALE PENDING
Broken sapphire Diana Bracelet  $5


Rose Earrings for Jump Gown  $18                                  Silver Butterfly hairpins for Rose $25 each    


Unknown Earrings   ????                                                    Unknown Bracelet set ???

Josephine Boots?  They fit her but don't know if they are hers!  $15


Marilyn Monroe Extra Jewelry  $25


Fringe Shawl - Not sure what this is from or if it's even FM. This is NOT Rose's Shawl. 
On back side some of the Gold Embroidery is coming lose.   $12

Elle Doll Train/Makeup Case  $10

Elle Zebra Trunk  $20

Dressing Gloves $4


Franklin Mint Hangers

3 Forever Love $2 each

2 Guinevere $2 each

3 Harley Davidson $2 each

3 Julia: Roman Empress $2 each

3-4 Elizabeth Taylor $2 each

3 I Love Lucy $2 each

2 Sandy - Grease $2 each

1-2 Jennifer Stallone (I prefer to think of these as St. John!)  $2 each

2 Twiggy $3 each

1 Vanna White $2

FM Hangers with bows - White or cream  $1 each

FM Hangers without bows - white or cream $1 each

Generic Hangers - about 1/4" shorter in width than FM hangers  sold as set 12 for $5


Empty FM Jewelry Boxes with lids $1 each - boxes without lids or earring holders .50.

4 FM Gold Forever Love Mannequins $30

1 Vanna White Mannequin $25

Franklin Mint Certificates of Authenticity   $5 each


Josephine Opening Night in London

Josephine Opening Night at the Opera in London Ensemble

Josephine Wardrobe Trunk


Diana Black and White "Last Day" Ensemble

Diana Black Gown Ensemble

Diana, The People's Princess Doll

Diana Princess of Grandeur, No 407/5000

Diana, the Purple Gown Ensemble

Diana, The Ski Suit Ensemble Accessories

Diana, Princess of Sophistication

Diana Wedding Gown Ensemble

Generic FM Vinyl Doll

FM Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Diamond Dream jewelry

Czarina Alexandra Coronation Gown Ensemble



Titanic First Class Tickets (Care and Handling Instructions)

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait Doll

GWTW For the Love of Tara Ensemble

GWTW Sewing Circle Ensemble

Scarlett Wedding Day Doll