From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


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Franklin Mint Gone With the Wind Scarlett O'Hara Vinyl Doll Original Collection
with many added Custom Outfits

(Custom outfits made by Alana Bennett)


MY Collection - Ask if you need Nude Scarletts - I have one left.


Trunk comes with Mirror and Two Custom Acrylic Accessory Holders with hand painted gold trim.  (no outfits or accessories)  $350


All of the custom outfits below were made by Alana Bennett. 
All of these outfits either appeared in the movie or were designed for the movie but were unused.  Some were used but the scenes were cut.
These outfits did not come with shoes.  Doll and Stand included.

Sawmill Dressed Scarlett  $200

 Extra Knit Hat and bag in Burgundy  $25


Black Velvet Jacket, gloves and Muff Set (not same muff as shown above)  $40

Franklin Mint Scarlett Outfits
Each of these will come deboxed in a baggie with all accessories.  Most are Mint and have never been used. 

Green Drapery Ensemble   $80                               Red Velvet Ensemble   $115                                    Pride and Vanity Green Robe Ensemble  $115       

Sewing Circle  $75                                                    Rhett's Promise   $300                                                   Love of Tara $40 

    Beaux Monde Mourning Ensemble     $75       

Rhett's Trunk, Dolls and Ensembles


Rhett's are sold. (Trent not available)  Trent's outfit $65 (no shoes or socks) SALE PENDING




Ashley military uniform - custom made by Alana Bennett.  Jacket, pants and sash.  Fits Trent. Shown on Matt.  Outfit only! $85 SALE PENDING


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