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Swarovski® Crystal


We use only authentic Swarovski crystal beads, as well as many Swarovski components, in our crystal  designs.  Swarovski crystals are made in Austria and are considered the finest quality, full-lead crystal manufactured today.  Swarovski crystals contain a minimum of 32% lead, making them visually pure.  The crystals are faceted with extreme precision, creating breathtaking sparkles, prisms and reflections.  These crystals come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and/or coatings, as well as numerous shapes and sizes.

For your convenience, our site has both a Color Chart and a Shape Chart.  Simply use the menu on the left to access these WebPages. 

One way of determining that the crystals you are receiving are authentic Swarovski crystals is by looking at the consistency of the cut.  Swarovski uses advanced state-of-the art precision cutting machines that result in angles and cuts that are uniform and consistent in size and shape.  You can also run your fingers over each crystal and find a smooth surface without nicks, chips, cuts or any irregularities.  Swarovski crystals are the finest made with unsurpassed quality of cut, color and shape. 

STRASS® Swarovski Crystal

STRASS Swarovski crystals are mainly larger sized crystals that are made for lighting, furniture, and home decorating purposes.  While thousands of shapes, sizes and colors are available, at Spoiled Swan, we will only be offering those which are suitable for jewelry.  The STRASS crystals are unique in that each one is laser engraved with the STRASS Symbol.

Here is our blowup of an actual STRASS symbol photographed from one of our Strass shell crystals!  Although the symbol is teeny, tiny, it is visible to the naked eye.  It is a clear etching against whatever color the crystal is.  This crystal happened to be a Clear AB, but the background darkened as we blew up the symbol. 

Spoiled Swan is in no way affiliated with Swarovski, Strass or any of their subsidiaries.