From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


Prices quoted on each page do not include shipping.

Matt & Friends


Dressed & Nude Dolls

Tee & PJs Matt Redhead $65



Complete Outfits - NO DOLLS

Black Tie Tux  $135

On the Court $75


City Smart Outfit  $150

Fireman  $85


Individual Pieces

Black Shoes      $15 each         Brown Shoes

Not shown and still available - Burgundy shoes


Walnut Cords (right) $25

Midnight Cords (left) $25

Hawaiian Outfits (Made for Trent)

Palm Trees shirt and shorts $25

Ocean Shirt and White shorts $25


Custom knit Matt Ski Cap and Sweater (with mitt to help put it on him)  $35

Cowboy Duds (made for Trent) $50

Golf Clubs, Shoes and Hat (made for Trent) $75

Custom Waders and Fishing Gear $75