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Women's Tamara Henriques Rainboots / Wellies size 9.5 - $115


One pair of Tamara Henriques "Tweed" Rainboots/Wellies in size 41 (US Women's size 9.5) for sale. These are in excellent condition and originally cost $199. The colors are beige, brown, pink and blue in a tweed like print. You can visit this website to read more about these fabulous wellies from England! http://www.tamarahenriques.com/about.html They are darling!

Women's Tamara Henriques Toile Wellies / Rainboots size 9 - $115



Purple cupcake rain boots women's size 9 - $20

SAS (San Antonio Shoes) Shoes - Women's 8W

Visit the SASshoes.com website to learn more about these very comfortable, well made shoes!  Per their website: "Handcrafted shoes made from the hands of Master Craftsmen make every step a comfortable one. Handcrafted comfort.  Fine Leather Shoes."

You can find pictures of each of these pairs on their websites. 

(The retail prices listed below were the cost in April 2011.  The retail price may have gone up since then, making these an even better deal!)



Suntimer Black 8W - Brand New in Box   $90 (retail was $111)  The closure on this pair is easy to handle velcro!



Suntimer Black 8W - Almost Brand New in Box   $90 (retail was $111) - these shoes were tried on and walked on for less than 5 minutes.  The closure on this pair is easy to handle velcro!

Joseph Smith Holy Scriptures, 1867



Cashmere Blanket for Sale  $425


This is a very heavy weight 6 PLY 100% Cashmere Blanket/Throw in a Gorgeous Deep Royal Blue. (It is a darker royal blue than the pictures show.) It has satin binding on both ends. The first picture shows it laid out on my CA King Size bed.  I bought this as a 40th birthday present to myself.  What I failed to take into consideration is that I live in Southern California, 5 miles from the beach and it literally never gets cold enough to use this blanket! (I forgot to buy the Million dollar Mountain house to go with the blanket!)  I barely used it and it has been sitting in a drawer for the past 12 years (with moth protectors) unused.  Now, as age would have it, I'm having HOT FLASHES so this blanket is even of less use to me!   I bought it to use as a throw but it can also be used as a blanket on a twin bed or as an extra blanket on any other size bed. It is VERY WARM!  It is in excellent condition. Most cashmere blankets are 2 ply. This one is much thicker. Retail on it was about $1500.

Lenox Florentine Collection Bud Vase - $20


I was given this as a gift some 25+ years ago and have never used it. This is a discontinued Lenox Florentine Collection Bud Vase measuring approximately 10 7/8" H X 2 1/2" in diameter at the widest area X 1 3/8" in diameter at the top X 2 3/4" at the base. The vase features an embossed leaf motif. The underside features the Gold Lenox Stamp. It's beautiful but I've made a habit of only displaying things that aren't breakable. My pets and I are happier that way!

Mikasa Bowl & Plate Flower Basket White - $25


I received this set as a gift; 25 years ago! I've never used it. Time to get rid of it!  The pattern is Flower Basket White. It includes an 8 1/2" round vegetable bowl that can be bought at Replacements.com for $26.99 and an 8 1/2" salad plate, which I believe goes for about $16-$19. This is a discontinued pattern. What do you want after 25 years! While it's pretty, I never graduated to fine china. I prefer stuff I don't mind breaking! Offering both for $25

USC Water Glasses - $5 each

I graduated from USC in 1981. At that time, my mom bought me USC water glasses in the USC bookstore. I've never used them! Time to get rid of them! I should have 8 but right now I can only find 7. These could also be used for wine. They are pretty big and hold about 24 oz. $5 each.