From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


Prices quoted on each page do not include shipping.

Everything has been deboxed and displayed in a dust proof cabinet.

Franklin Mint Titanic Rose

Trunk $325


Some of my dolls - all dolls in this picture sold except for last two.  See PRICE CHART below.

The Pink Coat on the Right was made by Linda Schuck.  It is embellished with black embroidery that is so tiny, it looks like it was drawn on!


Dressed Rose Doll Wearing Complete Swim Dress Outfit and Pink Coat by Linda Schuck with Stand   $975

Earrings on top left are Rose's Breakfast Gown Earrings  $12 SOLD

FM Diamond Studs unknown doll  $10


Item Price SOLD
Red and Black Beaded  Dressed doll $110  
Pink and White Swim Dress Dressed Doll Wearing Custom Pink Coat by Linda Schuck $975  
Trunk $325  
Nude Rose dolls with Stands   $75 sold out
Headless Rose Doll $30  
Porcelain Flying Rose - GORGEOUS!!! $225  SOLD
Mini Steamer Trunk with stills and framed photos $80  
Elle makeup Cases - 2 $15 each  
Rose stands - 3 left $25  
Extra Earrings from Breakfast Gown $12 SOLD
Unknown FM Diamond Studs $10  
Red Shoes and Navy Shoes $15 each  
Gene outfits for Rose with stands    
Safari Dressed Rose $215  
Turbulence Dressed Rose $225  
Crazy for Calypso Dressed Rose $150  
St. Moritz Dressed Rose $150  
Don't Fence Me In Dressed Rose w/ Kaiser stand $150  
Bolero outfit only $45  
Mandarin Mood outfit only $40  
Sea Spree outfit only $30  
Blue and White Striped Boarding Dressed Doll $155 SOLD

Navy Velvet Flying Dress - no doll

$80 SOLD
Yellow Stroll Dress Dressed Doll $225 SOLD
Black Kimono with Portfolio - no doll $80 SOLD

Black and Peach Dinner Dress Dressed doll

$225 SOLD
Green Lace Tea Dress Dressed doll $225 SOLD
Cream Breakfast Dress - no doll $200 SOLD
White Corset - no doll $275 SOLD

White Dressing Gown - no doll

$250 SOLD
White Heaven Gown - no doll $275 SOLD
Black & White Elevator Gown - no doll $175 SOLD
Safe and Heart necklace $200 SOLD
Vanity Set $465 SOLD
Dress Form $30 SOLD
Elle Mini Trunk $20 SOLD

Elle Makeup Cases $15 each  - These look great on Rose's Vanity or on any Rose display!

Rose Shoes - Red & Navy  $15 each


The following outfits are from Gene.   I used these outfits to represent Rose's Life in America after Jack, as shown at the end of the movie when stills are shown of Rose doing various things throughout her life.  The first 5 are Dressed Dolls. The last three are outfits only.  No doll.


Rose Wearing Turbulence   $225 


Rose Wearing Safari Outfit   $215 - Brown belt that came with outfit has disintegrated.  I made a new belt, shown above.  Pants do not close in back but this is completely covered by her jacket.  Comes with FM Rose stand.    



Rose Wearing St. Moritz   $150  Pants close on both sides with hooks.  They do not close completely but the hooks could be moved to close them better.  Not really noticeable but red sweater can't be tucked in.    Comes with Kaiser stand.  Rose has slightly messy hair from her ski runs!  Her gloves fit even though they aren't put on very well in the pictures.

Rose wearing Crazy for Calypso  $150  The pants don't close on the side but this is hidden by her belt and sleeve.  Comes with Stand and mini - record.


Rose Wearing Gene's Don't Fence Me In Outfit.  $150 Pants do not close.  Shirt must be worn out to cover it.  Hat added to outfit.   Comes with Kaiser stand.

Bolero Ensemble   $40  Oufit only.  No Doll.

Mandarin Mood   $40                                     Sea Spree   $30
Missing Earrings and Shoes
This outfit DOES NOT fit Rose -                       This outfit DOES NOT fit Rose -
For display in her trunk only.                              For display in her trunk only.
























I have a mini Titanic Steamer trunk, shown below, that contains 25 pictures of stills from the movie.  I have framed several of these stills.  Also, I have miniature newspapers, money, boarding tickets, etc.

On the right is a trunk from the Elle line of dolls.  I use it to hold some of the accessories from the Gene outfits.

Rose wearing Madra's Turbulence.  I LOVE this outfit on her!


Mini Steamer Trunk with stills from the movie.  There is a brass plate on the top of the trunk that says "Titanic"


Some of the stills from the mini steamer trunk that I have framed.