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Layaways Welcome!


Tyler and Friends

Dressed and Nude Dolls


Almost everything is for sale.  Some I'm still deciding about.  Feel free to make offers!   I will sell dolls and outfits separately where the outfit is not on the original doll.

Weekend in Washington Tyler wearing Violet's Special Appearance Gown  $200

Cherished Friends RTW Lux Raven Wearing Black Swan Brenda outfit.  $300

High Style 2003 Blue Sydney  $150

Love is Blue Sydney wearing Deb's Boot-ique gown.  Doll only $75 


Black and White Ball Sydney with her hair cut into a blunt pageboy with bangs wearing Reflect d'Argent - not all pieces shown but I have them.  Gorgeous pale pink satin gown.  $250

Cherished Friends RTW Lux Blonde Tyler wearing Fleur Du Mal.  Not all Pieces shown but I have them.  This is a burn out black velvet bodysuit with black sequins paired with a pale pink crepe silk long wrap skirt.  $250

Both of these outfits were from the Tonner Theatre de la Mode Collection.  I paired the outfits with different (prettier!) dolls.  Originals shown below.



Whitehouse Dinner Tyler wearing Shakespeare in the Park  $175

Wild Orchid Esme Wearing Layne's Media Awards Gown $200  (Layne's hair is slightly burned in back as it got too close to the light above.)

Mistletoe & Magic Sydney without her Coat  $150

Pink Champagne Tyler  $160


Riverfront Park Promenade Sydney Easter Parade Sydney
Hope Tyler
These are pretty much my favorite dolls but I will sell them as a set only for $1000.  Layaway available.


Platinum Haired Gene wearing Hello Portland Hello  $300 (fab outfit!)  see below!

Dinner with Russell Esme wearing Weekend in Washington $150

Mystique Angelina nude doll only $75



Hello Portland Hello Gene was a very limited edition Convention doll.  I don't have the doll but used another Gene.  The outfit is lined in very pale pink!  It's gorgeous.  The hat has pink roses on top!




Random Gene Doll wearing LDC's Maid in Manhattan outfit - Gene doll only $25 SOLD

Black and White Ball Sydney wearing LDC's Basic Instinct Outfit  $250

Just Divine Sydney wearing LDC's Winter in St. Petersburg  $225


Look of Luxe Tyler SOLD (Nude Look of Luxe Tyler available below)

RTW Shimmer Sydney wearing Brenda's Par Excellence  $200 (Sydney's original outfit $10 extra)

Bohemian Beauty Angelina $130

It's My Party Tyler $110

RTW Angelina wearing Ashleigh's Black and White Coat outfit $110 (Angelina's original outfit $10 extra)


Pin up Gene Wearing Tulsa Convention Steppin' Out gown.   $250

Franklin Mint Josephine wearing Gene's Rags to Riches Outfit.  $275


Lisa's Doll Closet's Pretty Woman Outfits - I'm considering selling these as a set only.  $1400
Chase Modeling Party Sydney wearing Shopping on Rodeo Drive
Papillion Tyler Wearing Polo Outfit
Matt wearing Trent's Playing the Field Outfit
Night at the Opera Sydney Wearing LDC's version of the outfit and jewelry with jewelry box (not shown)
FM Rhett Butler wearing his own outfit or I can swap out a Matt wearing a tux
Black Horse

Eternal Love Holiday Sydney wearing Tonner's Night at the Opera outfit  $200
Embassy Gala Mei Li wearing LDC's Winter Palace Gala  SOLD  (outfit available on LDC  page


Tonner Extra Jewelry for Night at the Opera Outfit  $50


Jewelry shown in Right Picture is LDC jewelry.  The Tonner Extra Jewelry box is too big for a doll to hold.)



Cherished Friends Suzette Raven wearing Champagne & Caviar $150  (Raven's original outfit $10 extra)

Violette Esme with original outfit (not shown)  $75  Fashion Designer Awards SOLD

As Time Goes By Sydney wearing Manhattan Music Awards (Not completely sure which Sydney this is)  $150

Tiers of Joy Shauna SOLD  Wentworth Dynasty Outfit  $80


Casino Jade Tyler wearing a Kiss on the Hand  $250

Opulent Affair Jac nude only  $85

Cherished Friends Suzette Raven wearing Champagne & Caviar  $150  (Raven's original outfit $10 extra)



A Perfect 10 Tyler wearing Fame and Fortune  $225

Casino Jade Tyler wearing a Kiss on the Hand  $250


Tres Chic Charlotte nude $80 (outfit sold)

RTW Basic Esme wearing Soho Blues    SOLD

Imperiale Sydney wearing Suitably Spring  $175




Look of Luxe Tyler  $175  SOLD

Signature Sleek Pale Blonde Dealer's Exclusive Wearing Weekend Retreat  $150 (original outfit $10 extra)

See Others above



Spring Tyler - SOLD

Champagne Bubble outfit onlt $75

Tropico Tyler  $150

Titanic Rose wearing swim outfit and custom coat by Lynda Schuck  See Titanic Rose page for this doll.  $975



Show Stopping Sydney wearing Coral Beaded Angora Gown & Custom Swarovski Earrings  $165

Calendar Sydney Wearing Shirred Coral Evening Top, Coral Waltz Skirt, Coral Finishing Touches, Custom Swarovski Earrings SOLD

Blush and Beautiful Sydney wearing Lilac Halter Top, Lilac Tango Skirt, Lilac Finishing Touches, Feather Boa, Custom Swarovski Earrings  $185

Candescent Sydney wearing Lilac Beaded Angora Dress and Custom Swarovski Earrings
Candescent Sydney SOLD
Outfit w/ earrings $50



Dressed Dolls
All dolls come with stands.  Boxes included only where noted.

24Kt Sydney MIB - $195

Red Hot Tyler NRFB  $250

RTW Elegance Sydney  $95


Modern Mosaic Sydney  $150

Summer Tyler $85

RTW Saucy Pale Blonde Tyler - NRFTube!




Sweet Indulgence Tyler   $75

Palm Beach Tyler Nude $7

Sydney on the Seine White - Nude doll  $125

pics of actual doll below


RTW Sensational Sydney Blonde - nude $45

Florentine Tyler Nude  $65.00


Sydney on the Seine

Mover and Shaker Sydney - nude,  Probably the BEST hair of any Tonner doll.  Very thick and I've kept it pristine!  $75

RTW Sport $85

Kir Royale Carrie  $135

Look of Luxe Nude  $110

RTW Sydney (hair taken down) nude




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