From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


Prices quoted on each page do not include shipping.

Tyler and Friends

Complete Outfits and Boutique Pieces

Complete Outfits (mint in baggie)

Gallery Soiree $45 

Sweet Indulgence include shoes and
box of candy $42

Millennium Ball includes champagne bottle and 2
glasses also!  $38

Wake Up Call  $45

Premiere Pink $60

Champagne & Caviar -  $70

Opera Gala Complete $85

Cold as Ice Complete Outfit $45


Suitably Spring  $80

Holiday Gala Gown & Wrap & Jewelry. No shoes $55

Glinda Ambassador in Pink - missing head piece  $50

Central Park Luncheon  (comes with hatbox) $80


Signature Style outfit complete with necklace and stud pearl earrings $22

Same outfit with drop earrings, no necklace. $20

2 Sets of AR Tyler Outfits

Set 1 Complete but no earrings $22

Set 2 Missing Earrings and belt $20

RTW Glamour Pale Blonde Bodysuit only  $15

RTW Bodysuit and shoes only  $18

Pale Blue Bodysuit only  $15
Pale Peachish Pink Bodysuit and shoes $18
Pale Violet bodysuit and shoes  $18

RTW Career Bodysuit and shoes only $18

Suzette Raven Bodysuit only  $25

Wentworth Dynasty Complete Outfit $80
(see Dressed Tiers of Joy Shauna for better picture of outfit!



Summer Shoes.  $12 each.
Silver beaded strappy shoes 
Gold and black
No Tennis shoes

2003 Boutique Items

Bianca Accessory Set  $25


2004 Boutique Items

From the Red Holiday Shimmer Group


Shimmer Pant  $45            

From the Red Holiday Ruby Satin Group

Ruby Satin Pant  $20            Ruby Satin Skirt     $20                  Ruby Satin Cocktail Dress $35  


2005 Boutique Items

Hooded Sherpa Jacket  $75

2006 Boutique Items

Bold Checkered Coat $40                  

2007 Boutique Items

Silver Comet Trench  $30

2008 Convention

Cocktail Date $25  



BRENDA STARR Winter White Accessory Pack 1999  $40 

Black shoe bases to make custom shoes - also available in white and red.  $5/pair