From the Private Collection of Lisa Lawrence


Prices quoted on each page do not include shipping.

Tyler and Friends
Custom Outfits & Accessories


Custom Outfits ONLY. No dolls or shoes included.  Some of these may be fitted for Gene.  Please tell me which doll you want to use the outfit for
and I'll check that it fits her!

Bright Pink, Orange and Gold Pant outfit by Dressndolls   $25

Shimmery Copper Gold outfit.  Lace top lined in same copper/gold.  $40

Swimsuits $8 each, all three for $18

White and royal blue polka dot 2 piece outfit with swim suit and hat  $25 

Two piece sarong outfit with bag by embroidered tote, hat, sunglasses and tiny dolphin earrings.  $38 SOLD


Turquoise striped dress, with swimsuit, boy shorts, hat, bat, belt earrings and necklace $35   SOLD

Gorgeous Royal Blue Coat fully lined $45

Violet off shoulder dress by Deb West.  Fully lined.  $35

Brown Fur Coat lined in gold.  Tan knit turtleneck and faux suede long tan skirt  $65

White short fur coat and matching hat - Fluffy!  $40

14KT Gold Beaded Halter $25


Pale Violet underskirt with white and violet striped top with lace & pearl overlay and attached lace overskirt, lace & pearl choker, matching hat.  $75

1912 Navy Blue Suit - $75  I don't know if this fits Tyler.  Ask if you want it for her and I'll try it on her.


Red Velvet Gown and Cape with Hood.  This outfit is really well made, much prettier in person.  $75

Ask if you need it tried on Tyler.

Cotton dresses fully lined.  Very well made and fit beautifully
Leopard, Applique look, Watermelon, Zebra, Black shawl

Short dresses $15 each.  Long dress with shawl $30

100% Pashmina Shawls  $10 each     

From top:
Royal Blue
Pale Blue
Loden Green

Outfits by Vince Nowell  (no shoes or dolls)  Includes whatever accessories came with each outfit

Fuchsia Suit  $75
Two Piece Microknit Sweater Set with plum heather skirt  $80
Periwinkle beaded top and satin skirt  $125
Tropical Orange Three Piece Outfit  $75
Peridot Summer outfit $75
Blue floral dress
Asian Inspired Peach floral outfit  $40
Summer Gift Set - the last three dolls on the right are wearing all the mix and match pieces from the gift set, which also includes the beach towel and accessories  $99

JEWELRY -- Please feel free to ask for close ups of each set.  I can email them to you.


From top right clockwise

Pale pink necklace and matching earrings  $7.50

Royal Blue, Purple and gold necklace, earrings and bracelet $12

Royal blue and black bracelet, necklace and earrings $12

Ruby Bracelet and earrings $10 Sold

Silver rhinestone necklace $10

Gold rhinestone necklace $10

Pale pink and medium pink crackle necklace and earrings $7.50

Pale Blue and gold necklace, bracelet and earrings $12




Top Row:  $3 each
Aqua Necklace  sold
Blue and Silver Necklace
Light Aqua and Aqua Necklace sold
Aqua and Silver Necklace
AB Pearl Necklace

Middle Row  $3 each
Light Aqua Necklace
Crackle Bead two tone Aqua Necklace
Melon and White Necklace
2 AB Pearl Necklaces

Bottom Row
Black & Silver Necklace $3
2 AB Pearl Necklaces $3 each
Copper Necklace & Earrings $8 sold
In baggie, pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings. $5 sold



Top Row:
Rhinestone Belt - not for sale
Rhinestone ?? I don't know what this is! I thought it was a Bra but it doesn't fit as one.  I tried it as a thong and it doesn't fit as that!  If you can figure it out, you can have it for $12

Second Row:
Rhinestone Necklace & Earring Set $18
Rhinestone Bracelet $7.50  SOLD
Rhinestone Bracelet with Center Stone $10
Gold Rhinestone Bracelet $7.50

Third Row (Center):
Rhinestone and Sapphire Necklace & Earrings SOLD
Garnet and Rhinestone Earrings $8

Bottom Row:
Rhinestone Necklace & Earring Set $25
Pink and Gold Necklace with Pink Center Stone $7.50
Rhinestone Necklace 2 Tier $12
Rhinestone Necklace & Bracelet $15


Top: Purple AB, Gold, and Peridot  Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings  $15

Middle Row: Silver Lace, Rhinestone and Faux Pearl Necklace  $7.50  SOLD

Bottom Row: Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings $18


Top Row:
Pink Rhinestone Drop Earrings  $4
Blue Rhinestone Drop Earrings  $4

Bottom Row:
Blue Rhinestone Choker  $12



Top Row:
Red Rhinestone Choker & Bracelet  $20

Middle Row:
Fancy Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings $25 On Layaway

Bottom Row:
3 strand Pearl Necklace with Amethyst Center Stone  $7.50
Fancy Silver Scroll, Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace and Earrings  $20 SOLD
Rhinestone Necklace $10

Gold Faux Diamond necklace and earring set  $18   SOLD
   Jewelry box with Jewelry Set  $12



Sunglasses & Glasses $10 each.                     Eye Patch (Basil St. John)  $12
Glasses are sold.


Top Row & Middle Row $5 each
Bottom Row - 4 beach style bags are $3 each, the rest are $5 each


Straw Hats for Tyler - great for decorating!  White, Pink, Natural, Yellow, Red, Violet, Blue  $3 each
or all 8 for $16 (there are 2 naturals)

Small Straw Hat - $2             Medium Straw Hat $3
Red Velvet Flocked hat $2
Siminay Hat $1                           Lace Hat  $4 
Straw Hats are easy to spray paint and decorate!

Fisherman Hats - these are darling on Tyler  Dark Olive, Medium Olive, Cream  $12 each


Shoes (I believe they are all Kingstate - they fit Tyler)

Container 1  
Top Row white pumps, silver pumps, fuchsia pumps, white strappy heals

Bottom Row - white pumps, navy suede pumps, bright blue pumps, black pumps, black strappy heals. white strappy heals

All Shoes $8 a pair. 
The acrylic container is for sale for $6



Container 3
Top Row violet strapped heals, violet slides, red suede pumps, red slides & burgundy slides, pink slides, white fuzzy slippers

Middle Row pink strapped heals, white slides, brown slides, yellow slides, lime slides, black slides, gold slides w/ acrylic heal, white slides with acrylic heal

Bottom Row - white strapped heals, pink slides, bright blue slides On layaway, one black slide,  silver slides with acrylic heal, white slides w/ acrylic heal

All Shoes $8 a pair. 
The acrylic container is for sale for $8

Container 4  
Top Row blue/white strappy heals  pink/white strappy heals, tan/black spectators, red slings, white slings

Bottom Row - green/white strappy heals, pink/black spectators, fuchsia pumps, gold slings

All Shoes $8 a pair, except Spectators are $10 per pair.
The acrylic container is for sale for $6


Tennis Shoes with real working laces.   $8 each

Black/White                            White/White                    Navy/White


 Boots $12 each
Top Row:  Camouflage, White, Gold, Silver
Bottom Row, Brown, Red, Snake, Black shiny, Black suede lace ups

Custom Fuzzy Slippers: Pink, White, Yellow, Blue  $6 each


Tyler Shoes Lasts by Tracy Weston  $8 each
Make your own shoes!!!


Kingstate Shoe and Boot Boxes  GREAT for display; especially if you have a Boutique display!
Box with three small shoe boxes inside $3
Box with three medium shoe boxes inside $3
Box with two boot boxes inside $3
Individual Medium Shoe boxes (most of them have fading on them. 2 have rips on top as shown in the pic)  .50 each or $4.00 for all


Acrylic Silhouette hangers $5 each  5-6 available                   


Padded Hangers $2 each                                     Dressing Gloves $4
2 Red, 3 Pink, 3 Green

See FM EXTRAS for more hangers and accessories that can work for Tyler

Miniatures: Drinks, Food, Misc items


Pretzels $2 each
Ashtray and Cigarette $3
Ashtray & Cigar $3
Pipe $3
Cigar Box $3


Flower Pot $4                                                                Mirror $4                                         Mouse & Trap $4



Miniatures sold as a set  $10

Clarinet in Case $12

Cellos $8 each


Champagne (HUGE)  $4           Bubble Bath  $3                                    Rollerblades Silver or Blue $20 each set



Box of thread & Scissors    $6                     Fire Extinguisher   $3                                         Christmas Lights $4

Mrs. Fields Candy Boxes - 1 empty  $1, one full of candy $1.50                         Bouquet  $15

Tonner Box for Powder Blue Sweater  $4